Four Steps to Generating Innovative Ideas

If innovation consists of implementing new ideas, creative thinking is the first and essential step that allows us entrepreneurs to do so. The objective is to innovate , since generating new ideas without putting some into practice does not generate any value.

Here are four steps you can follow, get into action!

  1. Have confidence in yourself

We are all creative , erase from your mind the thought of “I have no ideas, I am not creative”, remember that the mind has power .

  1. Gather influential people

It is a very simple and quite effective technique that helps us to generate a large number of ideas related to the matter we are dealing with. Each member of the equipo work should provide as many possible ideas , no matter how crazy or absurd they may seem.

  1. Focus on the process

We want to build a business, play an instrument, start a blog, improve our relationships, travel more, learn another language… the list can go on and on. The problem is that sometimes we focus too much on the goal itself and not on the process that will lead us to it .

  1. Make it fun

Creativity is a process that culminates in the innovative solution of a problem . Throughout the problem-solving process, techniques can be employed to increase our creative potential.